Nicola McClelland
Compositions Across Corners and Horizons 1, 2 and 3
2016, inkjet prints, 83 x 112.5 cm (each)

Intuitively-formed, intimate maquettes were generated in response to a relocation/migration of art practice and life. The corners of packing boxes, their contents accumulated over a lifetime, were cast. Connections between former and current studios and rooms, separated by vast distances, are realised by ripped sheets. Personal and global boundaries, corners and limits re-form.

These studio “experiments” elicited a scientific reading from Carl – the maquettes were interpreted with reference to theories of space-time. The corners/fixed points anchor the dynamic movement between internal/external, near/far, past, present and future – like linked co‑ordinate systems. These interpretations add complexity and depth and the work is scaled up to respond. This conversation between the collaborators fuels the making process.