Nicola McClelland, Carl Daamen and Reuben Daamen
Event Lines
2017, plaster, elastic, chalk and blackboard paint, dimensions variable

The rough corners of packing boxes evolve into a more refined reference to spatial co‑ordinate systems and events in space‑time. We are all in motion yet standing still, our lives a series of moments laid out as a line of events in space‑time, compelling us to move into the future. The physics brought a perspective to the work that offered a distillation of the original artwork’s intuitive proposition.

One of Nicola’s initial concepts/images was of the collaborators standing in a landscape with a piece of elastic stretched with the push and pull of conversation. “The way you view materials as an artist is about associations, as a scientist it is about properties.” Ideas and connections were documented as mind maps and voice recordings. The initial concept was later realised when the three collaborators stood in the landscape in different formations with elastic stretched between.