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Lines of Inquiry (Aberrare)






Aberrare (series title)
Lines of Inquiry
14 September – 25 September 2016
ANCA gallery
Canberra, Australia

Maps and thread,
Dimensions variable
(largest sculpture 110 x 32 x 18, smallest sculpture 85 x 28 x 15cm)

Lines cut across borders and boundaries situating oceans and continents in unusual alliances. As maps unravel, no longer do they provide orientation and direction or assist with our bearings. Instead, they are held in fragile suspensions.

The work gives form to the way places amalgamate and align in the imagination as a result of movement from one place to another (or others) through migration, displacement or experiences of transience.

Maps transition from two dimensional to three dimensional forms through an intensive hand cutting process. This creates fragile, delicate and ambiguous forms which, when lit, generate linear shadows. Here, solid ground and shadow (shadow places/lands) have equal value.

These constructions are container-like, corporeal and yet their ephemeral nature makes them incapable of holding or carrying. Ambiguous meanings and wide-ranging references are evoked including biological and oceanic.

The complexities each piece assumes and way the cut paper “behaves” is only revealed in the final stages of the construction. As the pieces are unfolded and flipped they find their own unique structure. This is often a surprising revelation to the artist.

This work has followed on from an earlier installation where the pieces were a much smaller scale. By greatly increasing the scale of the sculptures, different qualities emerge and the sculptures behave in different; often aberrant, less contained and predictable ways. This poses an alternate series of questions, suggestions and lines of inquiry for the artist to follow.

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