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Venice, Hamburg and Other Miniatures


Venice Vending Machine Edition III
22 September to 4 October 2015
during the 56th Venice Biennale
Serra Dei Giardini, Venice

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The Venice Vending Machine Ed. III is an installation which responds to the 56th Venice Biennale’s theme: All the World’s Futures. It is situated in the Serra Dei Giardini, Venice, the gardens adjacent to the entrance of the Biennale.

The 67 international artists from a diversity of artforms have created works which are contained in 100mm spheres, metaphorically representing our globe. Each artist has contributed work and a written response around the idea: Our Globe, Our Dream, What If? Projecting our dream to become a reality in the future.

Artists were asked to imagine a better future for our planet and realize this through their artwork and written responses. A new concept, a new suggestion, a new seed is implanted in each sphere for a better world, be it ecologically, politically or socially.

I have 5 unique works accompanied by text responses in this installation.

About the Project

The Venice Vending Machine is a conceptual live-art installation conceived and created by Venetian artist Marina Moreno in the summer of 2010.

It seeks to present and promote emerging and established artists during prestigious art events, whilst reflecting and opening a dialogue with the audience about the value of art in our society. The Venice Vending Machine is a project that travels to prominent artistic sites worldwide responding each time to a different theme, determined by the place where it exhibits.

A large part of the work is to instigate, cultivate and promote an exchange among artists, cultural associations and art professionals internationally, always encouraging active and direct participation with the public.

The live art process, essential to the installation is public, performative, inclusive, participatory, interactive, educational and collectively aimed at empowering artists internationally and promote future collaborations.

Drawing from her live art background, Marina opens the dialogue to the audience by posing the question: “How do you value art?”

Here all the artworks become equal and the “buyer” will decide a value by giving a symbolic offer in exchange for a token without knowing which art piece he/she will receive after an exchange about art and why we need art in our society. From here an ongoing dialogue is spurred depicting many facets of the relationship that the public and the art professional have with art amongst which are:

Individual views about how art promotes intrinsic values in our life and society. How art influence our ideas about our past, our historical values and how it informs our present and future.

Playfulness is essential to creativity and quintessential to art. Through the game of interaction and the inherent chance of the machine, and automatic distributor, an exchange takes place for both the artists and the receiver of the art work. The Venice Vending Machine is a serious reflection on the dynamics of the market and the function of the gallery, whilst re-establishing for a moment the freedom of the use of the art in its function of displacement, surprise and subversion of pre-established rules.

The diverse and high quality art, some unique and limited pieces produced by both emerging and established artists is placed in each sphere with relevant contact, website and short description of their art work. From here chance will provide future and direct connection between the artist and the recipient who are actively invited by Marina to communicate with each other further.

The installation attracts art professionals, curators, collectors and people who would otherwise never enter a gallery.

The Venice Vending Machine is an ongoing project that invites future collaborations around the world.

An online catalogue accompanies the installation - View Catalogue

The Venice Vending Machine III is supported by the Venice City Council and the Serra Dei Giardini.



Venice Vending Machine Edition IV
July 16 and 17, 2016
Hamburg Kunst Altonale 18
Hamburg, Germany

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The Sea Has No Boundaries: Stories of Travellers and Dreamers.

Hamburg is a town that has always been thriving for being a port and the Altonale is a fascinating multicultural area of Hamburg where the important Art festival Kunst Altonale takes place yearlyand is visited by collectors, art lovers and artists.

Boundaries are only in the mind of politicians, but travellers and adventurers through out the world and centuries have contributed to progress of ideas, exchanges of goods and cultures.

What would Italians eat without Marco Polo providing us with pasta from China? Whether we travel because of necessity, or wishes, we all have dreams of a better life; of a new tomorrow. Historically the sea has provided inspiration and adventure through stories of sailors, myths fantasies and real encounters. Now through the limitations inspired by an inward and limited horizon, promoting unnecessary fears and it has become for many synonymous of death.

Travel is for the free spirits and should never be stopped but on the contrary instigated to promote new understanding and better exchange in humanity cultural baggage. Artists are true promoters of this fulfilling their need for curiosity, knowledge and social justice.

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Progressive Wave Theory
Pin Six
30 June - 10 July 2016
ANCA Gallery
Canberra, Australia