Photography & Photocollage

These works span a twenty year period and have been shown in a wide range of exhibitions in England and Australia. Most of the work is a reflection of a way of seeing that is present in printmaking and collage processes. This involves drawing on materials from a variety of sources – cutting, folding, reversing, taking them apart, reconstituting and transforming them.

An underlying issue that influences this work, and much of my practice, is the subjective experience of migration and journeying. For many years, whilst living away from Australia, I worked in community-based English classes with migrant women from across the globe: Pakistani, Indian, Korean, Portugese, Ukrainian, Ethiopian, Somalian and Bosnian. These women were often isolated in or by the domestic realm (many with young children). Witnessing their identities changing through language learning and their experiences being migrants has been a way of abstracting a site which resonates at a more personal level. This site includes my own experience of migration and journeying (in India and West Africa) and my family’s history of migration. (See also The Boat Project)