Artist in Residence – Performing Arts Centre for Carey Grammar School







Performing Arts Centre for Carey Grammar School
Designed by Greg Burgess

In 2009 I was invited by Greg Burgess to be the Artist in Residence at Carey Grammar School. The role required me to facilitate and coordinate the making of student art and its subsequent installation in the Performing Arts Centre. The role spanned the breadth of the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools. I liaised with the architect, art teachers and students and constantly considered the site under construction. The creation of the artwork, its curation and installation ran parallel with the building’s construction ,culminating in the completion of both projects just prior to the opening of the Centre.

Greg Burgess is widely known “as an architect of deep cultural sensitivity”. His buildings “are rich with messages about nature, materials, and the fundamentals of dwelling, human interaction and space”( Extract from RAIA 2004 Gold Medal Jury citation). The Carey Performing Arts Centre is a hub for creative education in music and drama ; the architecture reflects qualities of rhythmic movement and musicality.